Guitarist, musician, composer and collector of small rubber animals. Played on lots of records, TV documentaries, a few films and toured the world. If you have any questions or want to talk about a session/project or writing, then please get in touch by email below. I will do my very best to get back to you ASAP.


I’m a UK based guitar player and over the years I have recorded/played in a wide range of styles from Pop/Funk/Jazz to Prog Rock/Dance/Folk. People I’ve worked with on gigs/TV/writing and recordings include: Howard Jones, Fish, Ute Lemper, The Freemasons, Phats and Small, Derek B, The Lighthouse Family, Gota Yashiki, Eric Stewart, Peter Collins, Dave Stewart, Lifesigns, Nena, Tracey Ullman, Julie Zenatti, Pilot, The Young Ones (BBC), Chris Kimsey, John Otway, Sugababes, David McAlmont/Guy Davies (Fingersnap), Pam Sheyne, Calum Malcolm, Roger Daltrey, Nigel Pegrum, Steve Forward, Dawn French (Ch4) and many more as well as library music albums. TV documentaries include BBC ‘Wildlife on One’ episodes with composer Stephen Faux, Discovery Channel and I’ve worked on several film scores with DJs Andy Hunter/Robbie Bronnimann. In between sessions/albums, there’s been countless gigs/festivals/tours around the world mainly with Fish and Howard Jones. I’ve got to play some amazing venues, worked with great artists/musicians/bands, met some wonderful people and made many friends along the way. Occasionally I record under the name ‘the itch’.

I mainly use Logic and Ableton for writing and recording combined with a mixture of analogue and software amps/pedals/keyboard’s/etc. I’m always up for a project or session so get in touch.

When not working as a musician, you will often find me wandering around with a Fuji camera taking street pics.


Main Guitars

Takemine Nylon electro acoustic:Takemine 12 string electro acoustic:Lovely old Guild acoustic LR Baggs M1:Active Taylor electro acoustic:Les Paul standard:1989 Squire Telcaster:Fender Strat:Original Tokai Strat:Fender acoustasonic:Phew Telecaster:Ibanez TV650:Epiphone Casino:Reverend Double Agent:Hulla electric mandoline:Gibson Melody Maker:Elixer Strings:Ernie Ball Strings:Dunlop Strings

FX and Amps

Bogner Goldfinger 45;VHT 45 Pittbull ( Original )

Marshall DSL40c:Laney Lionheart L5 Studio Head; 4×12 Cabs Various

Strymon:Xotic:Ibanez:Disaster Area:Gigrig:Dunlop:Fulltone:Chase Bliss Audio:MXR:Eventide:Ebow:Tech 21:Mission Engineering:Line 6:TC Electronic:Ernie Ball:Seymour Duncan

Studio Stuff

LogicPro:Ableton:Macintosh:Apogee:UAD:Native Instruments:Euphonix:Yamaha P250:Arturia:Synthology:Focusrite:SE Mics:Novation:Nektar:Waldorf:Audio Damage:Steven Slate:Fab Filter:Soundtoys




Some tracks from ‘Present’ by my alter ego  ‘the itch’   New album being worked on.

Stuff and Nonsense