Day 6 New York

Splendid audience last night at the Sony Hall, New York. Great vibe and energy. Pic by Joe Bull

Day 6 NY

After all these years of coming to New York this skyline never ceases to amaze me. It’s a constant and evolving thing. This is taken looking across the Hudson on the Jersey side from the Sheraton in Weehawken.

Day 5 Wall St Theater l, Norwalk, CT

Last nights gig at the Wall St Theater in Norwalk, CT was a groove thing. Thank you for being such a great audience. #howardjonesacoustictrio Pic by @joebull_guitar

Day 5 Boston City Winery

Day 4 was off…

Brave valentines audience on such a cold Monday last night who seemed to really enjoy the gig. Boston City Winery with the Howard Jones acoustic trio. Joe Bull pic.

Day 2 Hangar Theatre Ithaca, NY

Shoeshine the theatre hound seemed to enjoy the soundcheck in the afternoon. Pic sent by the excellent Jeremy Morrison. Thought the gig went really well.. great banter from Howard.

1st day back for the gallery. Precautions have been put in place…

1st day back for the gallery. Precautions have been put in place for everybody’s protection & Mel has done a great job changing it around. It’s different of course but still looks amazing inside the shop. Good luck to all the retailers up & down the country… it’s not going to be easy for many, but fingers crossed, it’s a step in the right direction. #shoplocal

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